Where is Gyaring Lake?

Gyaring Pond China land tours is the biggest fresh water lake on higher gets to of the Yellow-colored Stream. In Tibetan, it indicates white-colored long lake. With an conditions of -4 ℃, it is located in downhill area of Qinghai Region, close to Ngoring Pond. It is 4,294 metres above sea level. Yellow-colored Stream provides considerable amounts of sand into the stream. Therefore, when the strong wind strikes, the surface of lake will show greyish color. The lake is rich in phytoplankton and seafood sources, so it is one of the angles for fishing in Qinghai Region. In the western part of the stream, there are 3 isles populated by huge numbers of crazy birds in summer time, so it is also known as crazy birds isles.

Over 1,000 metres higher than Qinghai Lake-China's biggest nationwide lake, Gyaring Pond is absolutely a level lake. It is a wonderful vacationer hotel for vast area, numerous pastures and wonderful organic landscapes. In summer time, the sky is so blue and clean, atmosphere so white-colored and hills so natural. In the stream, thousands of swans, other poultry, geese, gulls and other fish play gladly, and plenty of livestock and lambs are like the little pearl jewelry secured of lake. It is so wonderful.

Uniqueness of Gyaring Lake

Gyaring Pond has three isles, whose strong stones become a organic home environment for crazy other poultry China vacations, brown-neck gull, gull seafood, and more than 20 kinds of migratory crazy birds. Every May, these crazy birds go back to make their nests and increase their little crazy birds. In July, you will find egg everywhere on the isle. the Swans and black-necked cranes are the nationwide key secured creatures, especially the black-necked motorised hoist which is a unusual native to the isle fowl varieties.

Gyaring Lake’s History

Gyaring Pond is famous for its wonderful landscapes and numerous sources from historical time. It is not only a organic field for China's historical nomad to look creatures, but also an important road to Tibet in record. During Tang Empire, the financial institutions of the stream became places of ideal significance. It is said that when Queen Wencheng of Tang Empire wedded to Tibet, Sontzen Gampo, the master of old Tibet, patiently waited at the lender of the stream to welcome the princess. From here, they went western to Tibet.

In the south-west of Gyaring Pond, there are two big hills. One is known as "Enkazhuoma" which indicates a goddess wearing white-colored yarn; the other is known as "Qiongzou" China tour operator. The top of the mountain is full of snowfall, while the Pond coast is the natural lawn prairie. Enkazhuoma is so stunning and vibrant, while Qiongzhou is so sensible and sensible. During Qing Empire (1782 AD), due to the overflow in Henan Region, the Qing government had achieved here to wish for serenity. Now here's the place for Tibetans wishing for safety of people and creatures.


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