Where is Fruit Valley?

Fruit Area also known as Talqi Gully, 28 km long which is located 40 km northeast of Huocheng nation China travel service. It is a natural resort where you can enjoy different sceneries of four periods where the water dropping down from the fountain, maple woodlands,green lawn coast.

It was an important managing area on north Soft silk Road China vacation packages which leading to Ili or Ili to Urumqi. In this valley, you can see various crazy fruits and vegetables and apricot plants distribute all over the place. The unusual plants and unique blossoms are distribute over everywhere. The valley’s perspective change each season due to the lifestyle of various plants and blossoms. In the spring; air in the valley filled with the fragrance of crazy fruits and vegetables shrub blossoms growing snow-white, in summer wind strikes the surf of woodlands, cool and comfortable, the fall witnesses various colors China tour operator, in the winter only pines reach their natural leads out of the sea of snow

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