Get to know something about Poyang Lake

Located in the northern of Jiangxi Region China travel service, at the southeast bank of the middle and lower gets to of Yangtze Stream,Poyang Pond is regarded the biggest h2o lake in Chinese suppliers. It is an flood lake with a attribute of taking in and delivering out h2o in the light of periodic modifications. Poyang Pond shows a unique picture that it is a lake when inflowing h2o is adequate

Nanchang Poyang Pond is an important lake for flood control and famine relief. Water form Gan Stream, Xiu Stream, Rao Stream, Xin Stream and Fu Stream flow into the Yangtze Stream China vacation packages through this lake. Therefore, the place of the stream region is affected by these rich waters systems, especially Xiu Stream and Gan Stream. The whole Poyang Pond system has a sink place of 162200km2, taking up 9% of Changjiang Stream sink place.Because of its periodic attribute.

During the dry periods, the original endless h2o will be divided into nine ponds by the shoals coming from the Poyang Pond and become the beautiful grasslands. In the Tang Empire, Poyang Pond achieved its biggest size at 6000 square miles, but it is only approximated around 4400 miles squared during the rain periods.

Poyang Pond China tour operator is numerous in scientific resources. There are more than 90 types of fish. 10 types of fish are of greater industrial value,such as carp, crucian carp, chub, bighead carp, sardines, lawn carp, Elopichthys bambusa and white fish.Besides,there are 102 varieties of marine plant and 280 varieties of parrots.

Every Nov, thousands of parrots fly in from Siberia, Mongolia, Asia, North The philipines, and the east and northwestern areas of Chinese suppliers.Poyang Pond is considered by many to be the biggest fowl haven in the world.Poyang Pond Bird Protection Area is a haven for many unusual varieties of parrots.These migratory parrots spend the long winter in Poyang Pond together with the native widgeons, egrets, and mandarin geese, leaving progressively as the weather starts to warm in Goal.

Fallen-Star Stone is a little rock island that looks like a celebrity sailing on the surface of the h2o. Fallen-Star Stone is a social culture as a collecting place for students, men of characters who met here during many dynasties.

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