Learn something about Zibo Liaozhai City

Zibo Liaozhai Town China travel service is a compositive huge scenery place whose primary type is the lawn team and. its concept is experiences from Liaozhai published by Pu Songling. Zibo Liaozhai Town includes 6 areas such as Art Display Area, Hu Xian Yuan (Garden of Fairy Foxes), Shi Yin Garden, Liaozhai Structure, Man Jing Forehead and Guan Hu (Fox-viewing) Garden. There is a Pu Songling Art gallery, which was almost the same as the unique home where Pu Songling used to stay. The official property of Pu Songling was a common courtyard of the towns in the north aspect of Chinese suppliers. A horizontally panel on which fives fantastic figures "Pu Music Ling Gu Ju" (Former Residence of Pu Songling) are engraved by Guo Moruo is installed great above the checkpoint. In the garden, there are Liaozhai Studio space where Pu Songling had written his excellent guide, Display Room of the Lifestyle of Pu Songling, Display Region of Wenshi (Aragonite, Pu Songling’s preferred when he was alive) and Display Region of Calligraphy and Chinese suppliers Artwork of Modern Students.

Liu Quan Springtime, also known as "Man Jing", was where Pu Songling got his experiences China vacation packages. Now, there was a rock product with two Chinese suppliers figures "Liu Quan" published by Shen Yanbing. The mouth place of the spring was developed with bluestones. The h2o early in the year is obvious and stuffed, creating the visitors ignore to keep. Apart from experiences in Liao Zhai Zhi Yi (Strange Stories from a Chinese suppliers Studio), Pu Songling developed a large number of Liqu (popular music) here. So, visitors can appreciate the songs in the Liqu Teahouse.While having the tea, they can also appreciate themselves by paying attention to some songs. Hu Xian Yuan (Garden of Fairy Foxes) was developed according to the experiences in Liaozhai. In it, there are exhibition areas of life and guides of Pu Songling, activities when Pu Songling started out his shop and university, calligraphic performs and artwork of experts and so on.

Shi Yin Garden was initially a lawn of Close relatives Bi. Pu Songling Business travel to China proved helpful as a techer in Bi's home, creating huge variety of poetry and articles about Shi Yin Garden. In, Shi Yin Garden, there are natural plants and strangely-shaped rocks. After the lawn was shifted to the neighborhood of Pu Songling, visitors can know more about Pu Songling's life as a instructor. Man Jing Forehead was renewed according to the historical one. The checkpoint is in the design of dual checkpoint archways. In the temple, there are structures like Tian Wang Dian (Hall of the Heavenly Kings), Da Xiong Bao Dian (the Great Buddha's Hall), San Sheng Dian (Three Religion's Hall), Gong Structure and so on. Seen from outside, Liaozhai Structure seem like a incredible palace with obvious pond, Green Hill and fairy structures. Using shaded statues, results in films, unique audio and mild etc., developers of this palace signify creative pictures like fairy foxes and spirits developed by Pu Songling.

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