Obsessive Jinli Old Street View on Chengdu Trip

Jinli Old Street was built in 2004 to re-create the prosperity of Jinli Street, one of the busiest commercial streets during the Shu Kingdom (221-263). Located to the east of the Wuhou Memorial Temple of Chengdu (the most famous Three Kingdoms period (220 - 280) relic museum in China), Jinli Old Street also benefits from its fame. Jinli Old Street is the representative of Chengdu and reflects the diversity and beauty of Sichuan folk customs and culture along Tour in China. Cramming with numerous teahouses, guesthouses, bars, pubs and outlets selling tasty local delicacies and crafts, Jinli Old Street has been under the spotlight of tourists and locals since its opening.

At one end of the street is an imposing archway with 'Jinli Street' carved on it under China tour guide. From there the lane, paved with green flagstones, winds through Chengdu for a length of 350 meters (382.8 yards). By combining the culture of the Three Kingdoms Period with the folk customs of Sichuan, the buildings on both sides including tea-houses, stores and hotels, are modeled on the architectural style of a traditional old town in western Sichuan Province from the Qing (1644-1911) Dynasty. The wooden steles and the brick-walls exhibit an ancient charm.

Strolling down the narrow street, you will find yourself surrounded by old-world stores selling lacquer products, folk handicrafts, Shu Embroidery and calligraphies. You can browse leisurely or purchase some souvenirs for your friends. Most of the special local products can be found here. You can find folk artisans putting on funny shows such as a puppet show. Some traditional arts such as paper-cut and clay figurines made by the skilled craftsmen are sold here. From these artworks you will get a taste of the true life of the local people and Chengdu Food and find some reminders of China's past in the modern city.
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