What to See among Chongqing Fengdu Tour Package

The Fengdu Ghost City is located on the Ming Mountain on the northern bank of the Yangtze River in Fengdu County, Chongqing municipality, China along Trips to China. It is situated about 170 kilometers downstream from Chongqing on the north bank of the Yangtze River. It is considered to be the best place for people to learn about Chinese ghost culture, as Fengdu County has its own unique culture concerned with ghosts and the afterlife, also it is an attraction of a cruise tour along the Yangtze River.

Fengdu got its name as the Ghost City in the Eastern Han Dynasty. Two officials from the imperial court Yin Changsheng and Wang Fangping decided to come to Ming Mountain of Yangtze river cruise to practice Taoist teachings. Through self-cultivation they became immortals. Combining their surnames produces the term "Yinwang" meaning the "king of hell." Later, during the Tang Dynasty, a stupendous temple was erected on Ming Mountain depicting life in hell. It displays demonic images and torture devices and reflects the notion that good people will be treated well in the afterlife and that bad people will be punished by going to hell. In the Chinese vision of the afterlife, the dead must undergo three major tests to enter the netherworld. These tests are taken at three locations - Nothing-To-Be-Done-Bridge; Ghost Torturing Pass and the Tianzi (son of heaven) Palace. These three locations are among many attractions in this scenic area.

Close to Fengdu are Shibaozhai and the Wulong Karst area. Traveling west on the Yangtze about 130 kilometers, one arrives at Shibaozhai Temple travel to China that looks like a pyramidal-shaped pagoda. About 60 kilometers directly south of Fengdu is the Wulong Karst area with good hiking among spectacular natural karst scenery, natural bridges and big caves and pits. The Wulong Karst area is a natural preserve area with many endangered animals and plants. You can travel to Wulong Karst overland or take a boat on the Wu River that is another tributary of the Yangtze. You can hire boats at Fuling that is an ancient town at the spot where the Yangtze and the Wu River merge.

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