Barkhor Street Shopping Centre on Tibet Tour

In the middle of Lhasa, Barkhor Road encompassing Johkang Forehead is one of the three pilgrimage circulations in Lhasa Tour to China. It has been an important pilgrim direction since the base of the Johkang Forehead. Buddhist pilgrims can be seen throughout the day and evening strolling, or prostrating themselves clockwise along Barkhor Road rotating their prayer tires and chanting sutras.

It's said that in 647, the first Tibetan Master Songtsen Gampo (617 - 650) designed the Jokhang Forehead Tibet Travel. Due to its elegance, it easily drawn a large number of Buddhist pilgrims. Consequently, a trodden direction showed up. That is the source of Barkhor Road. Nowadays even still many pilgrims keep the prayer tires simply to move clockwise there from beginning to black. Also you can see some pilgrims strolling or advancing body-lengths by body-lengths along the road. Even some of them are youngsters or have knowledgeable a large number of miles' move to achieve this holy position. The way they show their piety could create you comprehend the holiness of spiritual beliefs.

For guests, Barkhor Road is a wonderful position displaying the exclusive perspective of Lhasa. It was introduced by hand-polished rock forums. Though it is not wide, it serves a large number of guests every day. Different stores take a position on its both ends and a large number of sailing appears are on every area. Most of them provide the prayer tires, long-sleeve 'chuba' (the Tibetan individuals conventional clothes), Tibetan blades and some spiritual content on the market. Furthermore, some stores provide 'Thangka' (the Tibetan search painting), which is a exclusive art of Tibet with the styles of spiritual beliefs, record, literary works, technology and traditions. Amazingly, there are some content from Indian and Nepal in this street as well for luxury China tours.

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