Chakpori Hill Recreation Place for Travel

Chakpori Hill, China travel service for more, stands beside Potala Palace like a giant, with altitude of 3725 meters. On the spired peak of Chakpori Hill Tours China, you can enjoy the beautiful and mysterious landscapes of Lhasa. On the cliff, there are many exquisite figures of Buddha, gods in different poses, and Buddhist scripture in Tibetan characters. And on the southeast mountainside, you will see a grotto in the shape of unequal rectangle. Tours of China for more. Although more than one thousand years have elapsed, the grotto is preserved very well. 69 vivid and lifelike stone statues were engraved on the rock, which represent the soul of Tibetan stone inscription art.

At the north foot of the mountain is a pure and sweet spring Tibet Tours, named "Holy Water". During the middle of 17th century, a temple was erected on the top of the mountain, housing the sapphire figure of a certain Tibetan Medicine King. Legend has it that the King was the avatar of Sakyamuni, who was able to treat patients no matter what the disease or how difficult the cure. During the period of the fifth Dalai Lama (1642-1682), lamas from all over the country were brought to this temple to systematically study and coordinate the knowledge of traditional Tibetan medicine. So the temple was once the Tibetan Medicine Bureau. Unfortunately, it fell into ruin after many years. Chakpori Hill (Yao Wang Shan) is also the ideal location for taking photographs of Potala Palace. In the early morning of holidays or peak seasons, dense crowds of photographers and photography aficionados come here to shoot a rare view of Potala Palace irradiated by the first rays of the sun.

There is a thousand-buddha cliff. On the huge cliff, there are thousands of figures of Buddhas. And there are many families cave Mani Stones top China tours. The cliff inscriptions have existed for a very long time, which can be dating back to the period of Songtsen Gampo. Now, the inscriptions on the cliff are about thousand meters long. The cliff is full of colorful inscriptions, very magnificent. Mani stone carvings and statues’craftsmen through their hands deliver the tenacious sprit inside the stones to each pilgrim. Chakpori stone artisans make a living on carving Mani Stone. Some times their whole family is come here to caving stone, or get married here. They work before down since ancient times, day by day. In their mind, their work is also a accumulation process of merits and virtues.
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