The palatable Shanghai snacks

Having a taste of local snacks are very great thing for foodies. If you have Shanghai tours, you should taste the below-mentioned snacks:

Pork ribs with fried New Year cake 排骨年糕

The pork ribs with fried New Year cake is a specialty snack from Shanghai and has a history of over 50 years. Pork ribs are coated with flour, five-spicy powders and eggs, soaked with soy sauce, sugar, cooking wine, chopped spring onion and ginger, then wrapped with New Year cake strips. Lastly, it is deep fried until the surface becoming golden brown. The New Year cake is made of glutinous Songjiang rice flour after pounding and kneading. It tastes tender, sticky and has high nutritional value. The two famous snack restaurants in Shanghai serving this specialty are called Xiaochangzhou and Xiandelai.

Leisha dumpling 擂沙圆

Leisha dumpling is one of the signature snacks of Shanghai’s Qiaojiashan Restaurant with a history of over 70 years. It was said that in the late Qing Dynasty, an old lady surnamed Lei sold sweet dumplings with soup for a living. In order to sell more dumplings, she tried to find ways to keep the dumplings fresh longer and make them easier to carry. She tried to coat the dumplings with dry glutinous rice flour, and she discovered that red bean flour was the best choice. Therefore, the dumplings are called Leisha dumpling after her.

The round-shaped dumpling, filled with sweetened bean paste, pork or sesame, is boiled, then drained of water, and finally rolled in dry red bean flour. The dumplings have a color of purplish red and have the refreshing flavor of red beans.

Crab shell cake 蟹壳黄

Crab shell cake is a kind of shortbread baked from ferment flour with oil, sesame seeds and salty or sweet fillings. The name comes from its color of brown yellow, which looks like a cooked crab shell. There are many options for the cake’s fillings: spring onion, pork, crab meat, shrimp, sugar, rose pedals, bean paste and jujube paste. The cake is crispy with a sesame flavor. The crab shell cakes, along with the pan-fried buns stuffed with pork, was the most popular snacks in many most Shanghai tea houses over the years.

If you have a China business tour in Shanghai, you will have great chance to taste the Shanghai Local snacks.

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