Old Town of Lijiang-An Ancient Townscape of Top Quality and Credibility

With previous more than 800 decades and was once a confluence for business along the old tea horse road, Old Investment of scotland - Lijiang China travel service has managed a historical townscape of top quality and reliability.

Its framework is well-known for the combining of aspects of several cultures that have come together over many 100's of decades. Beijing travel for more. Lijiang is also provided by an conventional water-supply system of great complexness and innovation that still functions efficiently nowadays.

Located in the primary part of Lijiang-ba in Lijiang Investment of scotland - Yunnan Area, free airline China, Lijiang is one of the four important old Chinese providers places still in a condition of perfect servicing. Also known as Dayan City, it varies from the others among the Performing Naxi well-known conventional and public habitations Ancient Songs in China for its lack of areas but many awesome public functions. Read also Beijing Dining . First incorporated the late 13th century, the old capital of scotland - Lijiang relies upon on the Yunnan-Guizhou Stage, with an level of over 2,400 meters and an area of some 3.8 rectangular shape kilometers. It currently has over 25,000 people, almost all whom are of the Naxi public group.

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