Top but Strange Food in Hong Kong

If you once have had a Hong Kong and Beijing tour, you should taste the local foods there. And you may difference of the foods between these two places.

1. 1000- Year Old Eggs

If you can brave a thousand-year old egg, you can consider yourself an honorary Hong Konger – these things are potent. Made from duck or quail eggs, the eggs are buried in a clay, sand and salt mixture for a couple of months, melting their insides to jelly. The shell of the egg turns a browny, black, but it's the inside where the real surprise awaits. The yolk turns a dark green and boasts a powerful smell of, well, eggs that have sat around for a couple of months. The eggs can be picked up whole from street vendors around the city, or found sliced up in noodle dishes.

2. Snake Soup

A favourite winter warmer in Hong Kong, snake soup is considered somewhat of a gourmet dish. Most of the city's snake meat is now delivered chilled or frozen from China, but to try the meat and the soup at its best you need to have it fresh, which means braving the handful of live snake restaurants that still exist in Kowloon. Here, you pluck your favourite python or cobra from behind a cage and watch him slither to the chopping block, with more unusual snakes attracting heavier price tags. The soup comes with the snake shredded inside, although, if you're braver, you can try sliced snake in a host of other dishes. As it seems with almost all exotic meats, many say it tastes like chicken. If you are a student to China tour and interested in snake, you can try this dish.

3. Chicken Feet

Your biggest obstacle here is the appearance, these wrinkled, claw like chicken feet look like something from a witches cauldron. Luckily, they taste better than anything else the wicked witch could cook up, if a little crunchy.

4. Birds Nest Soup

One of Hong Kong's most prized delicacies, Bird's Nest Soup is a gelatinous mix of chicken broth and swiftlet's (a type of bird) saliva. That's right, you're eating swiftlet's spit. Swiftlets make their nests from saliva and each year, after the bird has left the nest, it's harvested and added to the soup, which, like many things in the city, is famed for its health benefits.

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