Food Cities in China

Food is one part of Chinese culture. Many tourists to China should not miss the delicious food in China. If you have China vacation deals in the following cities, you should have a taste of local food and snacks.


When people think of Hangzhou, the first thing that comes to mind is the picturesque West Lake. Typical of southern Chinese cuisine, many of Hangzhou's dishes have their names inspired by scenic spots around the West Lake, such as the West Lake Assorted Feast or any number of dishes named after the ten world famous spots around the lake.

Hangzhou's cuisine mainly uses freshwater fish as its main ingredient and implements a host of cooking methods including frying and stewing which render fish to be tender and refreshingly crispy. About half the dishes on Hangzhou's menus contain bamboo shoots which add a tender element to the food. One famous dish from this city is Dongpo Pork, which is very popular in China and is aromatically wonderful with oil. If you visit Hangzhou, a hot destination included in popular China travel package, you should taste these food.

2. Foshan

Foshan is a "Delicious Food Hometown" in the Pearl River Delta. Featuring a wide range of ingredients, Foshan cuisine lays its emphasis on deep frying, stewing, and baking.

Foshan has a large number of restaurants, that cater to both Chinese and Western palates. Since the people of Foshan enjoy drinking tea in the morning and the afternoon, visitors will see many people drinking tea in restaurants. The regularity with which people of Foshan drink tea has become a unique aspect in the food culture of Foshan.

According to different regions and tastes, Foshan cuisine has many delicious foods and tends to be very popular with tourists. Some famous dishes include Yingji Yuntun Noodle, Crystal Ravioli, Number One Scholar's Porridge and Foshan Nine-layer Cake.

3. Tianjin

Tianjin's dining culture, which dates back over 300 years ago, is renowned throughout China and even the world. While famous for its traditional snacks, cuisines from regions all over China can also be found in Tianjin. Tianjin offers a host of over 1,000 dishes, most of which lean towards being slightly more salty than other cuisines.

Tianjin has several food streets where one can sample varieties of food from all over China. The traditional and famous snacks on food streets are not to be missed if one finds themselves in this charming municipality. Famous food streets in Tianjin include Nanshi Food Street, Heping District Food Street and Shiyue Food Street.

Tianjin's deliciously unique dishes include; Goubuli Steamed Stuffed Bun, Ear-Hole Fried Cake, Fried Dough Twist, Chatang, Guobacai and Tangdui. Customers can find many traditional of Tianjin's traditional dishes in the city's older restaurants including, Guishun Zhai, Xiangde Zhai, Zhengxing De Tea House, Yipin Xiang Cake Store, Siyuan Xiang Cake Store, Du Chengqi Steamed Store and En Defa Mutton Steamed Bun Restaurant.

If you want to know more information about food in these cities, you can contact with China travel agents.

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