Famous Hiking Places in China

If you want a hiking for your China tour, you should not miss the following places.

1. Siguniang Mountain, Sichuan Province

Siguniang Mountain (Four Girls Mountain) stands between Xiaojin County and Wenchuan County in the Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. It covers about 2,000 square kilometers and consists of four continuous peaks, with the main peak reaching 6,250 meters. The mountains are covered by snow and ice all year round and are known as the Alps of the East.

Every year, travelers come from all over the world to hike on Siguniang Mountain. A popular route is from Rilong County, via Changping Village and Yakou County to Bipenggou scenic spot. It takes you three days and is a wonderful opportunity to experience Sichuan.

Travel tips:

Best time to visit: May and June, or September and October

Admission: 70 yuan for busy season (April - November), 50 yuan for dull season

Getting there: You can take No. 4, 75, 82 or 86 buses from the Chadianzi stop in Chengdu.

2. Motuo County, Tibetan Autonomous Region

Motuo, which means "hidden lotus" in Tibetan, is located in the southeast of the Tibetan Autonomous Region. Until this year it was the only county in China with no highway, and is a paradise for travelers and adventurers. Covering an area of 34,000 square kilometers, the mysterious Motuo County is mainly inhabited by the Menba and Luoba ethnic groups who have a population of about 9,700.

Starting from Paixiang, and passing through Lage, Aniqiao, Badengze and Damu, you can walk around the county in about nine days. Travelers should prepare well for the altitude, climate and tough walking conditions. Motuo County is the good place for your hiking of Tibet travel.

Travel tips:

Best time to visit: July to October

Admission: free

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