Guide of Hengdian World Studios

If you have a China travel in Zhejiang Province, Hengdian World Studios should not be missed.

Hengdian World Studios (横店影视城), the largest film studio in Asia, is located in Hengdian village, Dongyang County in Zhejiang Province. It is 380 kilometers from Shanghai. It is also called as "Chinese Hollywood" by Hollywood magazine of the United States.

It consists of 13 shooting bases with building areas of 495,995 square meters. The studio also has several records which include: the largest indoor Buddha figure in China, the largest indoor studio and the largest tourism spots.

Since the filming of the movie Opium War in 1996, Hengdian World Studios has hosted more than 300 shooting groups and filmed more than 10,000 episodes of movies and TV-series until 2005. There are two high-technical shooting studios in the Hengdian World Studios, one of which is the largest one in China with the area of 1,944 square meters.

Besides, it has the most complete and excellent supporting facilities, including over 10 hotels, gym centers, nightclubs, Internet bars, tea houses and restaurants. All of these will help you have a happy and comfortable China vacation packages.

Travel Tips:

1. The Wansheng Food Street in Hengdian World Studios provides various kinds of delicious food, such as authentic Beijing instant-boiled mutton, big plate of chicken which are popular among stars.

2. Children below 1.2 meter can visit the resort for free.

Admission: 420 yuan (through ticket)
360 yuan (through ticket in winter)

Tel: +86-579-86565361;

How to get there:

1. By Bus: Take bus from Hangzhou Bus Station to Hengdian World Studios resort or take bus from Dongyang West Bus Station to Hengdian World Studios resort;

2. By Car: drive your car via Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway, Hangzhou - Ningbo Expressway or Hangzhou - Jinhua - Quzhou Expressway;

3. There are many buses or tricycles in the resort. Bus is 1 yuan and tricycle is 3 yuan to 5 yuan.

By comparison the views in Tibet travel, the view of Hengdian World Studios is very different and can be seen in the film and TV.

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