A Minority - Khmus

There are 56 ethnic people in China, and many foreign tourists visit China because of special and unique customs and costumes of minority people. Do you know Khrmus. It is an ethnic group and some of them live in Yunnan Province but it isn't contained in the 56 ethnic groups of China.

Khmus people are still an ethnic minority that hasn’t been officially named. They mainly live along the borderline between China and Laos. Isolated by the atrocious conditions, the people maintain their way of life as in the clan society.

When the boy and girl decide to get married, the girl will take the boy to her home. If her parents treat the boy with hospitality, it means he is accepted, but if they ask the boy, ‘What are you doing here?’ the romantic relationship ends.

I tried to look up information about this people on the internet. But a little is found. If you have a plane to join a China travel package, you can tell you tour guide to take you there and know more about this people.
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