What to See in Zhoucun Old Town

Zhoucun Old Town, under the administration of Zibo City of Shandong Province, holds the reputation as the "birthplace of Shandong commerce."

Known as the "dry port" for its strategic location along many overland trading routes, trade in Zhoucun flourished in the early 20th century, and it became an important center for bankers and well as silk and tobacco merchants. Zhoucun Old Town can compare with the commercial ruins along Silk Road adventure.

The Zhoucun Old Town became a national AAAA tourist site in 2008, featuring museums, shops, restaurants, and cultural performances. As a commercial town with a thousand-year history, it has hosted various kinds of excellent scenic spots.

Let's take a look at the top tourist attractions in Zhoucun Old Town.

1. Zibo Art Museum

The Zibo Art Museum is one of the largest private museums in Shandong province. It consists of seven exhibition rooms, featuring porcelain, jade, stone inscriptions, painting and calligraphy, bronze, and Buddhist statues.

2. Thousand Buddha Temple

Thousand Buddha Temple, also known as Qianfo Temple, is the most well-preserved ancient temple in Zhoucun. First built in the Tang Dynasty, it expanded in subsequent dynasties. It has six main halls, including the Thousand Buddha Pavilion, Temple of Guan Yu, Sanyi Dian, Luo Han Tang, Maitreya Hall and Guanyin Temple.

3. Rui Fu Xiang

Rui Fu Xiang, one of the most famous silk clothes brands, started its business in Zhoucun. The first five-star national flag used during of the People's Republic of China, the dragon robe that Yuan Shikai wore and the long-lived robe that Empress Dowager Cixi wore are all produced by Ruifuxiang. Key offices of Ruifuxiang exist in Beijing, Jinan, Qingdao and Shanghai.

4. Zhoucun Sesame Cake Museum

Located in the Main Street of Zhoucun, the Zhoucun sesame cake making technology is protected by the state council as part of the country's "National Intangible Cultural Heritage". The cakes are crisp, thin and fragrant. Tourists can learn the history of sesame cake-making and experience the process of making cakes themselves.

If you have had Shangri-La adventure in Zhongdian, Yunnan, you can compare the difference between these two.

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